Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Grandmother Minnie Jane

So as promised here is a picture of my grandmother Minnie Jane..which my antique store is named after. She was really a farm lady. Raised 9 kids and actually traveled from Missouri out to Washington State a few times with all these 9 kids. Can you imagine doing that with some in diapers.No pampers then. One of her sons was killed in WW11 which was a huge tragedy. So my grandmother always lived on a farm and my dad was a farmer also. Yes I was raised on a farm and it was wonderful. But that is another story.Grandma was a short lady and her hair was black and long. Which she always wore in a bun. Oh so much to tell about her. She was very patient with us kids.She taught sunday school and we were her pupils. This picture was taken in the Methodist Church which I grew up in and married in.
A little bit about the antique store.We are doing great but being tied down to every saturday is not to wonderful especially since were both retired and hearing about our friends traveling somewhere. So hope you all enjoy looking at the picture of my grandmother Minnie Jane. Sally

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